Public Works


Gas / Water / Utility Office: 662-837-7154
Clerks: Dianne Butler, Cindy Maxwell, Margie Sanderson, Breat Tye

Public Works Director - Ricky Martin
    Asst. to Public Works Director: Chris Taylor
Gas Dept head - Robert Wilbanks


Residential - Inside
First 2,000 gallons $8.50
Over 2,000 Gallons@2.00/M Gallons

Residential- Outside
First 2,000 $10.20
Over 2,000 gallons @2.10/M Gallons

Commercial - Inside & Outside
First 5,000 gallons(3/4" meter) 12.25
Over 5,000@2.00@2.00/M gallons

Gas rates vary each month based on the cost of gas.

Individuals wishing to connect to the main gas line must pay a non-refundable connection fee in the amount of $200.00 for the first 100 feet of line and $1.50 per foot for any additional line. Once the service line has been run and the meter set, it is the customer's responsibility to have the meter plumbed into the residence and to call City Hall for an inspection before the meter is turned on. Plumbing must be done by a plumber who is bonded with the City of Ripley unless a Homeowners Permit has been purchased for $2.00. The permit may only be sold to individuals who own and are living in the residence. It is not allowed for rental property or for businesses.

Street Department

Department Head-Chris Taylor


Garbage Pick-Up
Household and rubbish-same day (see map)
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Rate-residential $10.52
Commercial $19.66

Animal Control

Call Police Dept. 837-2215 or City Hall 837-7154
Robert Page - Animal Control (dogs only)

Confine dogs for 5 days

To pick up an animal: $25 one-time fee
Payable to City Clerk

Pit bull dogs are not allowed inside city

Police officers give one warning then a fine.

Building Inspector

Building permits - residential - $2.00 for the first $1,000. Of total value then $1.00 each additional 1,000 Commercial - $4.00 for the first 1,000 of the total value then $2.00 each additional 1,000

All permits are purchased at City Hall,
(Electrical, plumbing, siding, building, and roofing) Only bonded electrician can buy an electrical permit.

All contractors must be licensed and bonded with the City of Ripley.

Bruce Wallis - building inspector
Contact Robin Vernor, Phone 662-837-8578

Procedures - give Bruce total value, address, and contractor for approval of permit. Permits are purchased at City Hall.

City Of Ripley Gas and Water

Items needed from customer for connection of City Utilities:

___________Copy of Driver's License

___________Copy of Social Security Card

___________Copy of 911 Receipt

___________Statement, contract, or lease from landlord showing renter's name, effective date, correct address, and landlord's name. Must be signed by landlord or his agent.

___________If not on sewer system, a letter of intent from Tippah County Health Department.